Akira somehow has not a few factors to reflect myself in the real life. The first thing came up in my mind when I read the script was “Is finding hope in a certain situation considered as an escape from the reality?”

When I first started working on a role I really went overboard. Maybe because there weren't much time for me to prepare after I confirmed joining in this film project, was only a week before the start of shooting! Also, as a novice of football player I had a little pressure if I am capable to handle certain degree of techniques within the limited time. So, for about a week I guess I overacted in a rush, and I was haunted with this question, “Who on the earth is this Akira guy?” Then for about three days after moved to Tainan I just thought about my lines - every single word. Everything was very simple and subtle. Once I started filming, I tried to forget everything I've done; put myself in the circumstance and let everything goes.

Actually, I haven't seen the completed film Summer's Tail, yet from my impression during the shooting this story will show an audience a light of hope. Even if it's a small change, you could actually make the world better from where within the reach of your hands. And, finally telling you that life is much too important a thing ever to talk seriously about it. ; )

To the renowned director Wen-Tang Cheng, I appreciate that he actually let me have opportunity to discuss with him for the ideas and doubts I had. I've learned a lot from his lucid suggestions in the process of communication. Also big thanks to everybody involved in this project for the great time. It wasn't really easy for me to adjust to the life style in Tainan, as a foreigner, yet I believe all the experience I had with them in the shooting of Summer's Tail will definitely help me to improve my approach towards to acting in future career.

I miss the taste of pineapple in there. : )


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